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Awakening Healthcare

A healthy culture creates room for healing. 
Reconnecting with our Souls

Woman Lead Community Efforts.
Expanding Potential Within The Culture of Healthcare.

There are two types of attending required. We've missed one.
We help you expand coherence and care, by providing leading edge resources for healthcare leaders, providers, and patients courageously stepping outside of the box. 
This is your invitation to join us in the  evolution of conscious healthcare.

"You cannot heal by intellect alone.
We create healing ecosystems to reintroduce meaning, faith, health, community mentorship, and love into your care

The healthcare system's healing journey begins when we broaden our perception of what's possible. Awakening Healthcare creates ecosystems where healing and continuation of care can occur around our traditional medical model.

Join our community today.

Relaxing at an Onsen Ryokan

The Cultural Convergent Tipping Point
The emergence of inner and outer healing

For too long, modern healthcare has operated from an overly narrow perspective focused solely on outer mechanisms of pathology. But a growing voice is calling for a expanded, integrated model that addresses the whole human being and the multidimensional origins of illness. On this leading edge, we're seeing a convergence of inner and outer modes of healing.
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You are safe. You are seen. You are loved.

~Ruby and Stephanie

Dr. Ruby Shah and Patient Advocate Stephanie MoDavis are two experts who have come together to provide a unique approach to healing. With Ruby's traditional medical background and Stephanie's background in the healing arts, they offer a sacred space and aligned resources for individuals to find their true nature on their health journey. They believe that doing the inner work to cultivate conscious awareness of our behaviors, patterns, and relationships can have a great impact on our overall health.
Take the time for self-responsibility and act towards a healthier you.
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