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Re-Humanizing Healthcare


The need for help was obvious.

We decided to step up.

Get your patients trained today as an institutional guide.


Our medical system excels at sophisticated surgical interventions, yet fails the human spirit longing to be seen amid the chaos of illness. Lost in clinical metrics, the living person gets reduced to scattered test results and diagnoses. But we know health arises from more than just the physical body.

Our nonprofit bridges this gap through innovative peer mento trauma informed programs integrating the hard-won experiential wisdom of patients.  Having a face of another who's lived it in such a chaotic time will change the game. Alongside expert physicians, mentors provide emotional support, practical guidance, and continuity lacking in fragmented healthcare journeys.

Our mentors are trained and supported by the professional staff at Awakening Healthcare.

Our needs are all different. We address and connect the patients and families with resources they need most.  

Together, your team and ours, we create new potential.


We work as equals


We help heal each other


We change the game

Your experience drastically connects newly diagnosed patients with personalized resources 

"Being at the transplant center is such a fulfilling experience. I finally feel like I am doing what I am called to do" -Jennifer Kaai, Patient Experiencer on staff

Grounded in scientific evidence showing drastically improved outcomes when social and spiritual realms intertwine with technical expertise, our approach restores dignity to the dehumanized. Mentors hold space for grief, encourage intuitive self-care, and reconnect patients to purpose and community erased by sterile walls. Through compassionate mirroring of shared humanity, we midwife post-traumatic growth that allows thriving beyond mere surviving.

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