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Awakening Healthcare
What we can learn and implement when we embrace the voice of the articulate and experienced.  

Awakening Healthcare believes our patients are the heart of healthcare.

What we are missing is the profound healing patients offer back into the healthcare system. What we have witnessed is the opportunity for awareness, healing and reconnection encompassing the patient provide relationship.

We feel that the stress that healthcare has endured will benefit from our patient collaboration and ripple in ways that will last far into our future. It reminds healthcare providers of their calling and that visibility of what our work goes into is priceless.

Walking hand and hand into our future.

Introducing the heart and mind of our project, our founders: Dr. Ruby Shah and Stephanie MoDavis

Peer Guidance

We understand that a new diagnosis can cause fear and uncertainty. We also understand that the healthcare system can sometimes leave patients and caregivers feeling overwhelmed.  We are breaking barriers as the first entity to implement peer experiencers as part of the team. We provide peer guides to that offer empathetic listening, information, and emotional support as they make their way through their treatment and the healthcare system. Our comprehensive team of professionals, which become a valuable part of the team are devoted to ensuring our patients receive compassionate and individualized support from the moment you walk through the doors. 

We aim to provide what the system cannot through the lived journey. 


We work as equals

We pair with multidisciplinary teams at pioneering institutions to create authentic participatory care. Organically, respect and empathy ensue.


We help heal each other

Your patient experience is valuable. This is a positive feedback loop helping everyone involved. We remind the team of why they got into healthcare to begin with.


We change the game

Our community outreach builds interconnection. We ensure that from diagnosis, you and your caregivers are linked to the resources, people, and care all around your institution and beyond. We continue to heal together.

Your experience helps newly diagnosed patients

"Being at the transplant center is such a fulfilling experience. I finally feel like I am doing what I am called to do" -Jennifer Kaai, Patient Experiencer on staff

There is an increasing evidence base suggesting a range of benefits of peer support for people across various populations. A review commissioned in 2015 that included more than 1,000 research studies concluded that peer support has the potential to improve experience, psycho-social outcomes, behaviour, health outcomes and service use among people with long-term physical and mental health conditions.

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