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Peer Support

Patient and Caregiver Support Groups 

The transplant process can be overwhelming. 

We provide a monthly support group for newly diagnosed patients and newly transplanted patients. We welcome Heart and LVAD, Lung, Kidney, Pancreas, and multi-organ patients.

We meet at Nora's Home which offers housing and resources for patients.

The support group is the first Friday and Saturday of the month.

Show up as you are.

For more information contact:

Transplant Patient Support Group

Time: First Friday of the Month 4-5pm

First Saturday 10:30-11:30am

Contact Stephanie Modavis (346) 718-3712

 Transplant Caregiver Support Group

1/30, 3/19, 5/21, 7/16, 9,/17, 11/19


Contact Abby (936) 581-5801

Nora's Home - 8300 El Rio Street Houston TX 77054

Nora's home (832) 831-3720

Sponsored by Awakening Healthcare and Nora's Home

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