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The meeting between Dr. Shah and Stephanie required an openness and willingness to be guided. From the start, both held the same vision for humanity. Both coming from polarized backgrounds. They surrendered and allowed the work to be done through them prior to offering it outwardly.

The new paradigm requires this. The clarity of vision coupled with the humility to learn from perceived opposites. 

We must demonstrate and embody while committing to continue the work to authentically create a new way.

The future is collaborative and expansive. 


Dr. Ruby Shah

Finally ready to show up and share the process, my road to self discovery and embodiment as a student of life, writer, physician, patient advocate and believer.

Parts within a complex system are interconnected.
Mind. Body. Soul
Patient. Provider. Healthcare System
When we awaken to the patterns the path becomes clear

Stephanie MoDavis

In 1999, trauma informed yoga teacher, researcher, and student, awoke out of deep slumber to parts of herself she thought were impossible.  During this time she experienced sudden life threatening illness that opened profound realizations into the gift of illness and the infinite cosmic nature of our soul beyond our immediate experiences.

A medical activist using her own story to inspire holistic healing, she dedicates her life to the collective awakening process while opening further to faith, wholeness, and love.

  • Cofounder YogaMos Yoga Studio, 2009.

  • Founder Urban Yoga, 2018.

  • Cofounder Awakening Healthcare 501(c)(3), January 2020.

  • Co-Author, Peer Mentor Handbook, how to work with teams and patients 2021.

  • Co-Author, The Emotional Aspects of Transplant Handbook, 2021.


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