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Pioneering Patient and Provider Care Collaborations Within Institutional Settings

Students learning from patients, peers guiding peers, providers supporting providers.
The future is holistic
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Nora Logan
So Life Wants You Dead Podcast,
supported by Awakening Healthcare

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Nora Logan is a writer and the host of the podcast So, Life Wants You Dead about the intersection of disability and creativity. Before becoming a writer, Nora worked in film + TV production in late-night comedy. 

Nora is currently co-writing the feature script LITERALLY DYING with Kat Mills Martin, a dark comedy about a woman who undergoes a liver transplant and discovers that facing death was way easier than finding her purpose in life.

Nora writes a substack called Serenity Never, where she writes essays on creativity, spirituality, food, somatics, the patient experience and more. Nora also facilitates workshops and classes in NYC, where she is based.



Nora is also a patient advocate: in 2015, she mysteriously fell ill with acute liver failure. It was a wild ride of operations, near-death experiences and multiple hospitalizations. As a result, she is now a liver transplant recipient committed to raising patient voices everywhere.

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Awakening Healthcare Peer Event's at Nora's Home


Collaborating and providing care to Nora's Home Guests

(Nora's Home -away from home for solid organ transplant patients and caregivers) in Houston Texas


We have trained organ transplant recipients and care givers alike coaching skills to help others. We hold space as mentors with a lived experience coupled with coaching tools to support patients and caregivers alike.

Awakening Healthcare's collaboration with Nora's Home provides:

  • Monthly in-person peer support events - led by trained transplant patients

  • Monthly in-person care giver events - led by experienced transplant care givers

  • Weekly on call peer and care giver private support chats (in-person and online)


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Alison Conklin
Bonus Days Magazine


Alison Conklin loves story telling in all forms.  Sometimes it is with a camera and sometimes it is with words.  In October 2022 she received a heart transplant that lead her to think of each day post transplant as a bonus day.  When the idea of a magazine for patients was dreamt up - the name Bonus Days: Pages for the Resilient felt perfect.  Having lost her mother to a genetic heart condition 5 months after being diagnosed with the same disease herself at 13 - Alison was very aware at how isolating a diagnosis could be.  Being able to bring light, make sure that everyone feels seen, and create a space where everyone can be included is her life’s mission.  To hear more about Alison’s story you can find her as a guest on the Visual Revolutionary Podcast.Soon

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Patient Collaborators

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