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The Sacred Union Template: Feminine and Masculine Energy

This introductory session uses our inner polarities as a means to clarify where we are imbalanced. Called duality, or perceived opposites, the sacred union template offers a path toward a healthy relationship between our dissonances. We learn about higher order energies whilst addressing the shadow of both that present when we do not feel abundant or lack the knowledge of the archetypal forces playing out.

Navigating Chronic Illness

A Higher Perspective

According to the current medical model, disease and diagnosis is something that is wrong and needs to be treated. The paradox to this is this mentality is contradictory to healing as it tells us our body is against us and our mind seeks to fight our body. In order to cultivate a healing environment we must hold space for a recognition that our body may just be sending us a message and in fact our condition isn't about God or our body abandoning us. 

Approaching illness from a feminine perspective we allow room for inner healing, somatic practices, and space to unearth our deepest feelings.

Healing Trauma: A Spiritual Perspective

Spiritual principles offer a new way to heal and integrate our emotional events and tragedies awhile offering an elixir to our dimensions of suffering. We can end up in love and wisdom by transcending our hurts when we devote ourselves to learning about our higher forms of being and creative transformation via the sacred.

Fertility, Womb, Sacred Feminine Intimate Health

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Meeting the Inner Child: Feel it to heal it

A pivotal part of our hero's journey back to the sacred is reparenting and meeting our own little girl/boy again as an adult. To offer a voice to some of our most embedded hurts helps us to uproot the patterns to be seen, heard, and loved the way we needed as children.  When acknowledged, we can reduce the looping patterns we create in order to heal from that freeze framed traumatic circumstance.

Sacred Creativity: A portal to purpose

When we have lived primarily in our intellectual mind, we can loose touch with our creativity. Our creative portal opens when we are out of survival mode. Only then can we offer the support for the feminine to flower as boldly and brightly as she can. "She" must have a container or a safe space to bloom. This space is birthed within our foundations and our roots must be committed health. We can hijack our creativity by sourcing by manipulation when our feminine energy isn't aligned. Our aim is to share the template so we can contribute our sacred pearls with consciousness.

"We are all walking each other home"

~ Ram Dass

A Path to the Sacred

Where conscious awareness meets the soul


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